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Power Generation

A key factor in India’s rise to the status of a super power will be its ability to meet its increasing energy demand. Inadequate power generation has impeded growth of Indian industry for long. This enormous demand for power in the country requires power infrastructure and manufacturing capacity to be put in place. This demand augurs well for the Power Equipment manufacturers in the country, of which BHEL is one of the largest players.

The power generation equipment sector can be mainly split into two main components namely, Boiler, Turbine, Generator (BTG) and Balance of Plant (BoP). The BTG which mainly consists of boiler as one unit and the turbine and generator as the other unit, forms 65% of the total cost while the BoP consists mainly of the coal handling plant, the ash handling plant, the condenser, the cooling tower, the boiler feed pump etc. forms 35% of the total cost

BHEL is the largest manufacturer of boilers in the country, with almost 60% share of the market. It has the capacity to manufacture boilers for Super Critical Thermal Power Plants apart from utility boilers and industrial boilers.

In case of boilers, the production in the country has been growing at a compounded rate of 39%, whereas consumption is at 26%. Power needs in the country further will consolidate the growth prospects for the sector in the years to come
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