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The Promoters
The Promoters

The Conceiver and the Concept

A tract of open land to situate a new factory marked the serendipitous conception of GKIP. The incidental seed began to gestate into the trailblazing concept that the integrated industrial park has now become. A simple observation and popular peeve-the conspicuous absence of Trichy, a veritable heavy industries giant, from the lexicon of the Indian Industrial story-was the stimulus, the rich industrial heritage the catalyst, and the fierce determination and undimmed vision the agent. The visionary was Mr. Muralidharan, an Industrialist and technocrat who has been steeped in Trichy’s fertile industrial environment for over 30 years. To realize his vision of putting Trichy on the world map, he conceived a plan to leverage Trichy’s relegated abundance in engineering capability and its singular focus on heavy engineering(fabrication) sector towards the creation a state-of-the art industrial park ; a Park that will support heavy industries of all scales in a mutually beneficial manner.

K.G. Muralidharan’s single-minded dedication to the growth (in prominence and stature) of the Industrial belt around Trichy, came to fruition with GKIP. The benefits accrued to small, medium, and large industries alike through GKIP’s symbiotic industrial ecosystem are unprecedented. As the Chairman and Managing Director of TREAT, Mr. Muralidharan was instrumental in bringing to Trichy the first government funded Shared facilities Centre, within the premises of the Park. Keeping in mind the criticality of skilled labour in a heavy engineering park, GKIP has been designed sensitively with thoughtful touches such as a crèche for the female labour force, and a training centre for skills and knowledge upgradation. GKIP’s promoter, Mr. Muralidharan has been at the vanguard of the fabrication industry’s growth, and has been a trendsetter in various manufacturing processes. He has held various strategic positions in prominent Industrial organizations such as BHELSIA and TDITSIA, besides being the Chairman and Managing Director of his own engineering company G.K and Sons. With his vast expertise and seasoned experience in the field, his ideas are seldom anything but king-sized. Testimony to his grand visions is GKIP - not just a Heavy Engineering Industrial Park, but a new paradigm poised on the cusp of India’s invigorated industrial march.
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