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Structure of Trichy Fabrication Industry

The Trichy fabrication cluster has developed historically as a support system for the Trichy manufacturing hub consisting of the Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd facility (BHEL). The Trichy fabrication cluster consists of nearly 1000 small medium and large units which do various types of job works for BHEL as well as other manufacturing units

The industrial profile of Trichy is dominated by engineering and fabrication industry, particularly boiler industry. BHEL is the largest industry near Trichy. Large industries in the private sector are Rane Group, Sanmar Group, Cethar Vessels, Dalmia Cements, GB Engineering, SRF, Jothi Malleables, MM Forgings etc. In addition, the Indian Railways has its Golden Rock workshop and there are several defence production units near Trichy

The manufacturing of power generation and distribution related equipments is the largest industry in Trichy. The main product categories include:
Boilers, Pressure parts and Structurals
Structurals for Wind Energy
Electrical Panels
Distribution infrastructure
Micro Electronics

Other product categories include equipments for the Engineering industry (CNC related components) and for the construction industry

The tariff range in this industry is very wide and cannot be quantified for a particular job, as it involves different stages with varying tariffs

The presence of large & healthy engineering industry has spawned a number of ancillaries. It is estimated that about 50% of BHEL’s production is outsourced to these ancillaries. Similarly over 50% of India’s wind tower manufacturing is done in Trichy. Other large private industries have also established a well developed ancillary network

Output: The Trichy fabrication cluster produces job works worth Rs. 6,500 crores annually. Excluding the value of raw materials used for production, the total production value of the output of the industry stands at Rs. 3,500 crores. The break-up of the same is given below:

Turnover of the Trichy Fabrication Hub :
Nature of Job Work Turnover (Rs in Cr)
Job Works outsourced by BHEL     5,000
Non BHEL job works 1,000
Other job works  500
Total value of job work output 6,500
Total Value of Output (Excl raw materials)   3,500

Most of the units in Trichy are small and medium. The distribution of manufacturing units as per their turnover is as follows:

Distribution of Units by Turnover
Turnover (Rs in crores) % of Units
Upto 2     80
2-5 10
5-10  5
>10 5
The Fabrication and Heavy Engineering industry are a major success stories that Trichy can reckon with ...