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Wind Energy

Until June 2012, India’s power output totaled 205 GW, for which coal was attributed as the energy carrier for about 56%. Renewable hydropower and energy sources accounted for another 31%. In order to bridge the growing demand for power, the MNRE is encouraging the power industry to look at alternate fuels. Wind energy is one such option available in India as an alternate fuel and efforts to tap wind energy commenced in the year 2000.

The development of the Indian wind power industry has so far been concentrated in Tamilnadu, which accounts for more than half of all installations in India. Other States including Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Karnataka, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh are now catching up. As a result wind farms can be seen under construction all across the country

On a manufacturing front, India has a solid domestic manufacturing base, including global player Suzlon. International companies like Enercon, Vestas, Repower, Siemens and LM Glasfiber have now set up production bases in India. This has in turn stimulated a stronger domestic manufacturing sector, due to which some of the companies are now sourcing more than 80% of the components for their turbines from India
The Fabrication and Heavy Engineering industry are a major success stories that Trichy can reckon with ...